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WordPress 6.3 Beta 2 has been released and is now available for testing. Users are encouraged to try out the new features and updates.

WordPress 6.3 Beta 2 has been released by WP Tavern and is now available for testing. Users can download it to try out the new features and provide feedback to help improve the final release.

Today, WordPress 6.3 achieved a significant milestone with the release of Beta 2. The release leads decided to move directly on to Beta 2 instead of Beta 1, which was postponed yesterday due to technical difficulties with the release's packaging.

WordPress 6.3, which completes numerous unfinished business with the Site Editor and overall usability, is anticipated to be the final significant release of the Gutenberg project. Phase 2 of the project focuses on customization. It includes the Gutenberg plugin's 10 most recent versions, 15.2 through 16.1.

With this release, reusable blocks have been renamed to synced patterns, which is another major enhancement for patterns. Users can now create patterns, and the editor will have a new pattern library for organizing and storing both synchronized and unsynced patterns. To expedite the creation of pages, theme designers can now register custom patterns to templates so that they show up in the start modal.

Significant performance improvements are included in this release, chief among them being the inclusion of fetchpriority support for images and defer and async support to the WP Scripts API. Along with better support for PHP versions 8.0+, other features include the emoji loader, picture lazy loading, and block template resolution.

It is recommended that beta 2 testers report bugs on WordPress Trac. The WordPress project will also double its financial prize for any new, unreleased security flaws that are found during beta testing until the final release candidate. To be eligible for the twofold incentive, the vulnerabilities have to be discovered in new code.

For additional details on the new features, accessibility enhancements, and testing instructions, visit the Beta 2 release post. The release date of WordPress 6.3 is set for August 8, 2023.

WordPress is now in a transitional state of affairs. Actually, I've seen that StudioPress ( has stopped releasing new themes. Given that it's one of the most well-known theme creation studios, that is pretty big.

The Xampp Control panel v3.3.0, compiled on April 6, 2021, is incompatible with WP 6.3 beta 2. This Xampp installation uses PHP v7 right out of the box.

I attempted using the zip file twice, WP 6.2 and the beta plugin a third time, and finally, I tried at InstaWP, where it was successful. I copied it to my local server using the Duplicator plugin, however it stopped working after that.

Please submit a ticket at for any non-block or editing issues.

At, I have now updated WordPress to version 6.3. Everything seems more comfortable. Apart from the security vulnerabilities, Gutenberg bugs have also been resolved, which was highly inconvenient previously. However, I'm not sure if there's a security flaw that could be problematic. Has anyone yet achieved success?

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