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Best website builder service of 2024: The top 13 compared

Best website builder service of 2024: The top 13 compared

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Even if you have no prior web design or coding knowledge, the finest website builders have made the previously highly technical and time-consuming chore of building and developing websites quick, straightforward, and stress-free. A sophisticated and businesslike website can be yours in a matter of minutes if you only select a pre-built design and drag and drop images, forms, maps, and other material onto a page.

Our experts have registered with and gained first-hand experience with over 140 website builders and hosting platforms in order to assist you in selecting the finest website builder for your needs. We've spent the time testing each, building several site kinds, contrasting features, performance, customer service, convenience of use, and more.

Based on its overall performance, cost, template selection, and ease of use, Wix is the finest website builder. Wix is usually the best option, with premium options starting at just $11/mo.

However, we've listed everything from the greatest blogging sites to the best e-commerce platforms below if you're searching for something a little more specialized or just want to find something more reasonably priced.

Have you given hosting any thought? Some website builders don't provide hosting by default, or when your website expands, you might need to increase your hosting. We have also examined some of the top web hosting companies to assist you in making a wise choice.

Why TechRadar is reliable To ensure you are purchasing the best, we test every product or service we review for hours on end. Learn more about our testing procedure.

Data-link-merchant="" 1. Best for most individuals, most of the time: Wix

Wix is a great option if you're searching for an excellent all-arounder that is reasonably priced, user-friendly, and of the highest caliber. Wix is a good option for most people, while it is slightly more costly than others and might not have the sophisticated capabilities you require if you're searching for anything specialized.

The link See our in-depth evaluation of Wix.

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One of the least expensive website builders on our list is Hostinger, with monthly prices as low as $2.49. However, it also offers a lot, including sophisticated AI technologies and a basic drag-and-drop website editor that make website creation quick and straightforward.

Check out our in-depth study of Hostinger.

A link with the content """ target="_blank" data-link-merchant=""" rel="nofollow">3. Optimal when design is significant: Square footage

Squarespace is a top choice for website builders who want to create visually appealing websites since it offers some of the most beautiful themes out there. A plethora of sophisticated capabilities are now available for blogs and online retailers.

Our selection of the top website builders on the market is based on a number of criteria, such as overall performance, cost, features, usability, variety and caliber of templates, e-commerce capabilities, SEO, and more.

Our test results show how each product performed for us, what we liked best about each platform, and how they stack up against one another.

You want a website builder with a large collection of templates. Wix, with over 800 options, offers some of the most advanced templates available. You are looking for a powerful website builder: Hundreds of add-ons are available in the Wix App Market to enhance your website's functionality and design. You'd rather a generative AI website builder: An AI text maker built into Wix can help with site building swiftly.

You have a limited budget and wish to create an online store: The only Wix plans with e-commerce features are premium ones. You would prefer having changeable templates available: If you decide to change your mind after you've started, Wix doesn't allow you to move between templates; you'll have to start over. You're asking for infinite storage, but none of Wix's plans provide it.

Because it satisfies every requirement that most users have, Wix continues to be the best website builder available. Consider Wix seriously if this is your first time creating a website because of its easy-to-use interface and sophisticated templates.

Wix is an Israeli software firm that was founded in 2006. It offers cloud-based web building services and online drag-and-drop tools for customers to construct HTML5 webpages and mobile sites.

Wix's incredibly user-friendly interface immediately won us over. Creating our first website with Wix's ADI editor only required responding to a few questions regarding our preferences for color and design, the pages we needed, and our online goals. Wix then created the website in a matter of seconds.

We decided to use the default Wix editor for our second website. With more than 800 designs available, we had a plenty of options, and we could easily modify our selection by simply dragging and dropping text blocks, photos, and other elements onto the page.

We adored Wix's media management capabilities. In addition to Wix's and Shutterstock's photo and video libraries, you can effortlessly upload your own photos and videos from your local system, Instagram, Google Photos, Drive, and more. Hundreds of files, all free to use, were returned for each term we used.

Although Wix's free plan is ideal for exploring the service, it has several important drawbacks, such as a 500MB storage cap, Wix advertisements on every page, and the inability to utilize a custom domain.

Thankfully, Wix offers a wide range of reasonably cost paid choices. The $16/month Light package allows you to use your own domain and does away with advertisements; the $27/month Core plan allows you to do simple online payments and basic e-commerce. You can receive additional developer features, greater analytics, e-commerce features, and more by spending more money.

Wix is the best option if you're searching for a website builder that can expand with your website. You get a 14-day trial period to try any plan, and if you're not happy, you may get your money back.We suggest starting here if you're unsure about where to begin. It is simple to use, has a large number of templates for quick development, and offers strength and flexibility for more seasoned users.

Discover why Wix is the greatest website builder available by reading our comprehensive evaluation of the platform.

You are looking for a one-stop shop: Everything you need is included in Hostinger's website builder. You still haven't purchased a domain name: A free domain name is part of Hostinger's package for a full year. You desire a fully AI-designed website: You can choose to have a website made completely by AI with Hostinger.

Before you buy, you must try: Hostinger does not offer any free trials or programs. You'd like further website builder plan options: There is only one plan offered by Hostinger, which may not be sufficient for your needs. You've had second thoughts about your template: All of your present work will be lost if you decide to modify it after your website goes live.

Hostinger offers numerous high-quality features, one of which is marketing integration options. Hostinger is the best website builder if you're looking for an all-in-one solution and you're overwhelmed by the amount of possibilities available.

Second place goes to the beginner-friendly Hostinger website builder tool, which requires no coding knowledge and makes it quick and easy to design modern, responsive websites.

Although Hostinger's library of more than 150 templates isn't the biggest, it does provide some aesthetically attractive options, and we discovered designs that work well for blogs, online stores, portfolio sites, and more. A professional website could be easily created with the help of the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, and they appear fantastic on all devices, regardless of screen size.

According to Hostinger, you can launch a website with just four clicks using a multilingual AI builder. Although we wouldn't advise you to try that—the outcomes are a little generic—it's a terrific place to start, and even an additional half-hour spent personalizing your material can have a significant impact.

The AI-generated content and the templates are both optimized for search engines, and we were able to automatically create a site map, locate keywords, and create alt text for photos with the help of helpful auxiliary tools.

Along with all the e-commerce necessities, you also get help for managing orders and inventory, processing payments online, selling up to 500 products, and using analytics from Facebook and Google to learn more about your clientele. The fact that there are no transaction costs associated with even the most basic package is another significant benefit for online retailers.

A number of helpful extra tools are included with the Hostinger website builder, including as a slogan and business name generator, a logo designer, and a simple way to integrate Google's PageSpeed Insights to find and address performance bottlenecks on your website.

We observed a few minor problems with the website builder. For instance, the service's picture editing capabilities are quite limited and fall well short of those of Wix and similar services. Furthermore, there is no chance to test out the service outside of Hostinger's usual 30-day money-back guarantee because there is no free plan. Overall though, this is a good website builder that is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a deal and maybe have plans to go into e-commerce.

See our review of Hostinger's website builder in its entirety.

You desire complete site customization capabilities: Squarespace does not provide complete customization. You will be astounded by the abundance of features: There are a lot in Squarespace, which may be too much for novices to handle. You're searching for an intuitive UI; Squarespace's isn't the most user-friendly among its rivals.

Squarespace is a visually appealing and user-friendly website builder that offers a good selection of e-commerce options, expertly designed themes, and first-rate blogging tools. Squarespace is a must-see if you're new to site creation but yet want to have the biggest online effect. Beginning

With more than 100 responsive designs, Squarespace offered us a wide selection for our test sites, and its section-based drag-and-drop editor allowed us to complete the design process significantly faster than with any of the other providers.

There are four plans available on the platform. The basic website builder, free hosting, and a free domain are all included in the $16 monthly plan. A secure checkout page and full e-commerce functionality are added in the $23 plan (with a 3% transaction fee); additional marketing tools and a 0% transaction fee are included in the $27 plan; and full e-commerce functionality, along with all the necessary shipping and selling tools, are included in the $49 plan.

Our test blog was managed from a smartphone using the Squarespaces Blog App, which is fantastic for publishing and modifying content while on the road. Another excellent method to make sure your postings get the attention they deserve is to use tools that publish to, sync with, and import from social media platforms like Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

Additionally, Squarespace has an invoice scheduling function that enables you to get paid for reservations made on your website. The solution allowed us to generate, transmit, track, administer, and accept payments via the website builder platform while we were testing it.

As opposed to Wix, Squarespace does not automatically maintain a record of the modifications we made to the website we designed, so in the event that something goes wrong, you are unable to go back to a previous version. This can be very troublesome and in certain situations may need you to start over. Still, Squarespace will do the task expertly and provide you with an array of exquisitely designed layouts.

For additional information on costs, usability, and the builder's interface, see our comprehensive evaluation of the Squarespace website builder.

You want a WordPress website, and Bluehost allows you to build it using either the Bluehost Builder or the WordPress dashboard. You're searching for usability: Bluehost allows you to select your preferred design by only typing in a keyword. You're looking for something quick and simple, and Bluehost's user-friendly onboarding wizard makes the process of creating a website simple.

For individuals who are determined to create a WordPress website, Bluehost makes things simpler. Why? Because it not only enables WordPress website integration to be quite easy, but it also allows you to construct from the WordPress CMS.

With drag-and-drop editing, a wealth of blogging tools, e-commerce integration, and a free CDN for optimal speed, Bluehost provides a WordPress-based website builder.

We were able to set up certain sections of our test website using WordPress and other sections utilizing Bluehosts' website builder because of the WordPress integration. More than 300 themes are available in the WordPress-friendly builder, which is a respectable number but not quite as many as Wix. The four site builder plans available are Pro, Choice Plus, Basic, and Plus. Each providing access to more features and tools.

The Basic plan costs $2.95 per month for a 12-month subscription, and it renews at $11.99 per month after that. For a 12-month membership, the Plus plan costs $5.45 per month and renews at $16.99 per month. The Choice Plus plan costs $4.95 per month for the same length of time and renews at $21.99 per month. Lastly, the most expensive Pro plan is $9.95 a month, and it renews at $28.99 a month after a year.

Although Bluehost's website builder lacks the experience and overall user-friendliness of Wixs, it still has appealing features like a free domain for the first year and round-the-clock professional help.

Apart from providing an infinite number of websites, Bluehosts' website builder offers themes tailored to particular website types and scenarios, as well as the ability to modify websites for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We had the opportunity to test out the marketing capabilities included with all three website builder plans, and we thought that Bluehost's call to action button was a particularly nice touch. Bluehost offers small companies a WordPress website builder with its Online Store solution, which combines YITH, WooCommerce, and WordPress plugins for e-commerce features.

We were able to test Bluehost's 30-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee and received a complete refund. Bluehost can be the ideal website builder for you if you're searching for a WordPress site builder but don't want to dedicate yourself entirely to the WordPress CMS.

To learn more about Bluehost's website builder, including its features, cost, and simplicity of use, read our comprehensive review.

You desire an eye-catching website: The Friday website builder is really good at customizing the look. You require a simple to use fix: Friday promotes ease of use and clear navigation so that both novice and expert users can utilize it. You want a website builder with all the following features: Friday has a little higher price tag, but that is because the one and only plan includes all of its services.

Although Friday is a relatively new player in the website construction industry, their website creation tool is impressive in terms of quality. This is so because the tool is completely transparent and delivers on all of its promises.

Although it hasn't been around as long as most of the other providers on this list, Friday, a website builder made by programmers and developers, is by no means falling behind.

With Friday, getting started is quite easy because there is only one website builder bundle available. That cuts down on the time it takes to choose the features you require and the layout that will fit them.

After you log in, the Friday dashboard's icons on the left side make it easier to build a website by streamlining the process once you've selected a template. We have the ability to alter the theme, include pages and widgets, customize the entry page, add a blog, and effectively utilize the SEO tools.

AWS website hosting, a photo editor, worldwide CDN, custom domain, limitless bandwidth, SEO tools, SSL security, and web analytics are all included in Friday's plan.

In addition, it has over 40 payment methods, configurable forms, AI content helper, multilingual websites, blogging capabilities, and picture optimization.

You may edit your site in desktop, tablet, and mobile view while constructing it on the dashboard.

The ease with which we were able to use Friday for the first time is one important point worth mentioning. The procedure of creating a website is significantly simpler with its AI assistance.

Since this plan is more expensive than others on our list, people on a tight budget might not be able to commit to the $50 per month when the half price on the first month deal is done. However, nothing is 100% perfect, so that is something to highlight as a drawback.

To learn more about Friday's website builder, including its features, cost, and simplicity of use, read our comprehensive review.

You require that more assistance: We discovered that's customer service team had some of the fastest response times during our test. If SEO is your top concern, Because takes SEO seriously, your website will be in good hands. You're looking for a reasonably priced website builder: Although isn't the cheapest, its prices are unquestionably fair.

You should try before you buy, but because doesn't provide such an option, you'll need to do some research first. A highly adaptable website builder is required: While it does the job, isn't entirely flexible. The pre-built content blocks may seem restrictive to some. You'd rather have an entirely clutter-free page editor;'s isn't as good as Wix's. is a constructor you should really consider if you have a demanding website, as it can handle highly trafficked websites.

With its user-friendly interface,, which was founded in 1999, has established itself in the website building industry. Given that offers almost the same quantity of templates as Hostinger, it appears that 150 professionally designed templates is the typical offering.

The main interface for creating websites is based on a system of modular components that you can easily drag and drop into position. After registering, we could alter a header, button, icon, and even a text field on our website template by simply dragging and dropping them into position.

Additionally, pre-assembled blocks of elements, such a whole navigation bar, can be added to the interface as needed. It's a potent blend of a robust and user-friendly UI. One hour of free website design assistance is also included with its website builder.

In addition, there is an e-commerce feature that you can use to create an online store with all the features you would anticipate, but it requires a different plan than the basic one.'s Online Store package is available to those who are just starting out with e-commerce websites. It starts at $9.95 per month for monthly payments and renews at $29.99 per month when invoiced annually.

There are several positive aspects about, like its moderately priced pricing and excellent customer service. In summary, you don't have to spend a fortune to create an intelligent website, and you can do it with the least amount of hassle.

During our testing, we were able to keep an eye on the performance of our website thanks to's user-friendly data dashboard, which included real-time traffic figures, trend charts, and Google Analytics connection.

While there isn't a free trial option available here, signing up only requires a commitment of one month and the first fee of $1.95, which includes a free URL subject to certain restrictions, makes it a reasonable amount to pay to try the service out.

Check out all the features and costs that website builders have to offer by reading our comprehensive review of the builder.

You manage an agency: Duda is ideal for high-volume, expert web design because of its expert and specialized tools, which streamline client interactions and workflows.

You wish to create a website that is multilingual. Duda expands its use case to a worldwide audience by enabling you to create websites in multiple languages.

You're trying to find premium templates: Together with its premium plans, Duda provides more than 120 themes, making it simple for you to create a visually appealing website.

You're trying to find a free website development plan. Although there is a 14-day free trial, Duda does not provide a free plan.

You need a wide variety of fonts: Duda has a large design suite, but its selection of fonts is somewhat constrained.

For agency owners looking to swiftly create feature-rich, orderly, and professional websites for their clients, Duda is a terrific alternative.

Established in 2009, Duda is a robust website builder intended for aspiring digital professionals, agencies, and independent contractors. It provides a plethora of capabilities for website builders, such as client management tools, white labeling, and several integrations to enhance the functionality and smoothness of the website.

From the outset, Duda leaves an impression thanks to its user-friendly editor, which provides a variety of customization choices and frameworks for exact design control. Instead of using the conventional drag-and-drop interface like Wix does, Duda takes an organized approach, using rows and columns that line up with the site's grid. In addition, it offers section-based layout editing and access to HTML and CSS frameworks, enabling you to have complete control over the creation of your website.

Dudas' emphasis on customer management tools is one of its main advantages. With this, agencies may configure permissions for clients, quickly develop new websites using pre-saved Dudas templates, and even provide a quicker feedback and revision process. All of this significantly reduces the amount of time and resources used in agency workflow. Along with powerful e-commerce features, it provides gift cards, coupons, and a range of payment channels. These capabilities are available as a paid add-on service, though.

Duda offers a range of pricing tiers with specific features and services allocated for each plan, meeting a range of requirements from small-scale individual projects to large-scale agency work. Although Duda receives some criticism for charging a lot for e-commerce capabilities, its excellent professional-grade tools make up for this increase in cost.

You are not experienced: GoDaddy is accessible to virtually everyone as it doesn't only serve those with a strong technological background. You require additional assistance: The GoDaddy customer service staff was quite helpful, in our opinion. You seek a simple-to-use instrument: Once you've determined whatever service you want, GoDaddy's setup procedure is simple to use and fast.

When building, you must be completely clear. GoDaddy's homepages are all the same, making it a little difficult to find the proper service on their list. You can't decide on a style: GoDaddy offers few options for style customization. You want to be able to change themes at will, but GoDaddy won't let you do so without having to start over.

GoDaddy is the greatest option if you feel more at ease working with a website builder that has been in business for a long time. Its longevity has allowed it to refine its customer service, which is advantageous for novices.

Best web hosting company GoDaddy offers a vast array of products, but its website builder is particularly noteworthy for its easy-to-use editing tools and intuitive UI, which even novices in design can use to quickly put up a website.

The GoDaddy Websites + Marketing option offers a thorough examination of your site's performance for those seeking a more in-depth experience. The analytics tool offers an extensive collection of metrics that assesses how well your website is performing in comparison to other websites within your industry. According to GoDaddy, users of the tool have reported an 18% rise in business revenue within a year of utilizing it, demonstrating the technology's performance thus far.

Even seasoned customers occasionally run across issues, but GoDaddy's service is some of the best available. In-depth PDF manuals from GoDaddy effectively addressed a wide range of queries and troubleshooting issues, and the company offers round-the-clock technical help. In addition, the community forums are an excellent source of information, and chances are good that someone there can answer your question. On weekdays, a live chat tool is also accessible; nevertheless, in our testing, the supplier gave us a restricted number of solutions and didn't respond very quickly.

With three pricing options for website builders, GoDaddy has extremely competitive pricing. The Basic plan is $9.99 per month (first year, $12.99 per month after), while the Commerce package costs $20.99 per month (first year, $26.99 per month after). The ecommerce plan, as anticipated, includes all the features required to launch a fully functional online store, with progressively less capability available in the lower-tier plans.

We did discover that several of the site builder's capabilities are shallow because there isn't an app store. It does, however, imply that every feature is purpose-built and internally constructed. GoDaddy can be the best option for you if you're searching for a website builder that is both reasonably priced and offers excellent assistance.

For a detailed look at GoDaddy's shopping and blogging features, as well as other features, read our evaluation of their website builder.

You're looking for a web builder with excellent templates. There are numerous elegant template designs available in IONOS. You run a tiny company: When launching a website, small businesses may find IONOS's various capabilities to be helpful. You require built-in SEO tools. The exposure of your website depends on ranking, therefore choosing a builder that puts an emphasis on SEO matters.

You'd prefer a more modern interface—we think IONOS' is very archaic. You must sign up for a free trial; bear in mind that IONOS does not provide any free programs. Something a little simpler is what you need because IONOS can be a little complicated for first-time users.

Great themes and templates may be found at IONOS, and altogether, the design possibilities available for your website are of the highest caliber.

If you want to build a serious, business-promoting website, IONOS is a terrific option. As of right now, it hosts over 12 million domains.

Regarding theme selection, however, this is where IONOS truly shines. We had an overwhelming amount of options because the inspiring templates are arranged according to kind and industry, making it simple to select the ideal design for your website, regardless of whether you operate in the real estate, retail, or tourism industries. While some of the layouts are more text-heavy, others are more image-focused. All in all, they are all simple to use; a drag-and-drop editor makes it quick to modify templates, and no prior coding experience is needed.

IONOS multilingual translation, which can translate a website's content into 62 different languages, is likely to draw in small firms as well. Even more, a website can support up to 25 different languages at once. Because of this, IONOS is an excellent option in terms of scalability because, when a business expands, this website builder can easily handle worldwide expansion.

Businesses can also choose to display special offers to new visitors to their website, for example, by using targeted content. IONOS is undoubtedly a website builder to take into consideration if you're searching for one that is expandable, offers a wide range of themes, and has strong marketing features.

Are you curious about the features that IONOS provides? See our complete evaluation of the IONOS website builder here.

You're looking for a one-stop shop: All the tools you need to build a website are included in one location with Elementor. You'd like WordPress to have managed storage: You may require it for your WordPress website. You must have diversity. More than 100 widgets for various designs are available in Elementor's drag and drop editor.

You desire a little autonomy with the freebies: Certain free plugins for Elementor may have limitations. You have a ton of websites; considering some of the more potent site builders in our lineup, Elementor wouldn't be our first pick. You're not experienced: Although it's not the hardest to use, Elementor isn't the most sophisticated either.

Another company that provides an all-in-one solution is Elementor, so you may want to look at them more closely if you want everything in one location.

Elementor is a little different in that it is a user-friendly website builder that is actually a WordPress plugin. There are paid versions that offer more sophisticated capabilities as well as a free version called Elementor Core that is surprisingly powerful for its price.

You may drag and drop any pieces you like into the interface to view the results in real-time. It's a very straightforward and simplified affair. Our test site was up and running in a matter of minutes without any issues. A plethora of pre-designed templates and widgets are available, and as one might anticipate, the premium plans offer far more content (even the entry-level Essential package includes more than 100 website designs and more than 100 widgets).

Additional services, like first-rate tech support, are included on the Pro plans. While the Expert plan allows up to 25 sites, the Essential plan gives alternatives for hosting one or three websites. With the Pro plans, you have access to a plethora of editing tools and a genuinely astounding level of customization for your website designs.

Like Wix, even the free version has a good amount of functionality. The free option may offer sufficient features for certain users, and even for those who require more, it's a terrific way to see what you're getting into before spending any money (no credit card information is required to sign up for the free plan).

The primary drawback of Elementor is that, in comparison to certain competitors like Squarespace or Bluehost, the premium pricing isn't as attractive if you manage multiple websites. However, if that's all you need, the Essential Elementor plans, which handle one or three sites, are excellent value.

Moreover, Elementor offers an all-in-one website builder kit that makes creating WordPress websites easy. With a code-free builder, hosting, and the flexibility to connect domain names at no additional cost, the Elementor Cloud Website enabled us to create our test website more quickly.

Are you thinking about using Elementor to create your website? See our complete review of the Elementor website builder.

You want to get the best deal possible: Although it's not the greatest on the list, it's definitely worth the money. You are considering mobile optimization. With its dedicated mobile editor view, Jimdo optimizes websites for all mobile devices. You're looking for a simple-to-use tool: Jimdo is easy to use and uncomplicated.

You want a plethora of tools and features to experiment with: Jimdo provides the bare minimum but does the job well. You want to create a blog, but Squarespace and Jimdo provide more functionality than Jimdo. You want the finest SEO choice available: Keep in mind that Jimdo lacks a few SEO capabilities, such as alt text.

Jimdo could be the perfect website builder for you if images are the main focus of your website. Photography websites benefit from the possibility of unlimited storage space.

For a variety of reasons, Jimdo made our best list, but we were especially pleased with the selection of simple, adaptable templates it provided. Jimdo is an excellent website builder for designers, photographers, and anyone else who wants to showcase their work online because of the professional and contemporary styles that are accessible.

Jimdo's simplicity and speed are two benefits of utilizing it. To begin with, customers can choose from a number of plans, including the Play plan, which is free, plans with additional features, and even plans made especially for people starting an online business. Access to the Jimdo website builder, which uses a modular design process and lets you choose a style before using simple blocks to alter and create your design, is included with every plan.

The software even has a built-in logo designer, which we used to help establish our identity. All we did was choose a starting point for our logo design and enter our business. After that, we changed the layout and icon, selected a font and color, and that was it.

The ability of Jimdo to automatically match website colors with a supplied logo or image is another helpful design element that we value. This implies that gaudy color clashes are no longer an issue, which is fantastic for companies whose brand values include appearance.

In addition, Jimdo provides a wealth of guidance and documentation that aided us in building our test website, akin to those of Squarespace and GoDaddy. These documents contain advice on creating a successful website as well as some samples of current photography websites made with the platform.

Regarding cost, there is a free plan that has no time restriction but requires you to place advertisements and have a Jimdo subdomain. Although we noted that there weren't many sophisticated options, this website builder is still one of the best if you're searching for a simple, fast approach to start a beautiful website.

For additional details about the features and how to get started, read our comprehensive review of the Jimdo website builder.

You want to create a large online store, and BigCommerce is made just for that. If you've launched an e-commerce website before, that would be beneficial because BigCommerce is a sophisticated platform (at least in our perspective). You want to sell across platforms, and BigCommerce enables you to do so through sites like Facebook, Amazon, and others.

You're seeking ease of use: We wouldn't suggest BigCommerce for simple online stores, especially if you're a novice, as it's not the simplest to set up. BigCommerce does not provide a native mobile app if you wish to manage your store from a mobile device. If you're on a tight budget and want the whole experience: The BigCommerce Standard plan does not provide an abandoned cart option.

For companies or individuals seeking assistance in setting up a sizable online store, BigCommerce is a strong competitor.

With nearly 15 years of expertise in the e-commerce industry, BigCommerce is a seasoned provider. Online store development, search engine optimization, hosting, marketing, and security for small and enterprise-sized businesses are now included in its extensive feature list.

First of all, the platform's drag-and-drop visual editor, fully adjustable themes, mobile optimization, and checkout customisation made it simple for us to create an attractive business. Every step of the way, we also had a ton of support. BigCommerce is a platform that allows users to sell digital, physical, and service-based goods. Its incredibly flexible service allows you to have complete control over the operation of your store—for example, you can choose from over 65 different payment methods.

With a ton of built-in features, excellent SEO tools, incredible scalability, and multichannel sales capabilities, BigCommerce is designed for large brands with a large client base.

The occasional usage of technical jargon by BigCommerce may cause confusion for novice users, and the user interface may require considerable adjustment. That being said, because of its tiered price structure based on the volume of sales your website brings in, it's still a good option for smaller merchants. Additionally, a complimentary 15-day trial is offered; no credit card information is needed.

All things considered, BigCommerce is a fantastic option for online businesses with substantial sales figures or smaller brands that are preparing for big expansion, as it offers more integrated sales tools and greater scalability than its rivals.

To learn more about BigCommerce's features, cost, and usability, read our comprehensive review.

Therefore, it's crucial that you have a clear plan in mind before choosing a website builder. Consider carefully what kind of website you want to make, whether the primary focus will be on text or photos, what kind of design you have in mind, and most importantly, how much you want to spend.

After you've established a reasonable budget and conceptualized your future website, you can begin examining your possibilities. It will also be crucial to ascertain whether you have previously used a website builder to gauge your level of comfort with some of the more sophisticated platforms available.

It's important to think about whether you'll edit your website mostly on a desktop computer or a mobile device. While most web builders have templates that are responsive to mobile devices, not all let you make changes to the mobile version without also affecting the desktop version.

And lastly, scalability needs to be taken into account. When you first design your website, you might not need sophisticated business tools, but as your firm expands, your website will undoubtedly need to meet more needs.

As your company grows, you can always switch website builders, but doing so may be expensive and time-consuming, so it's important to plan ahead and take your future demands into account whenever you can.

Selecting a website builder may seem difficult, but luckily, the most provide free trials, so you can always change your mind.

We use hands-on testing to test website builders. This entails registering, buying a plan (or plans), and following the same steps as any other client to create a website for the first time.

We consider the available features, affordability, functionality, convenience of use, support, and various extras like blogging, e-commerce, and marketing tools. Offering a free trial period is one of the most important features we look for in a website builder. We understand that this is crucial in assisting you in making a decision and giving you a chance to see the website builder before committing more deeply.

Our evaluators establish a website after registering with each website builder in order to provide a realistic representation of what to expect. Every website builder on the above list has been put to the test and examined by us.

We made sure to examine the advantages and disadvantages of each website builder because nothing is ever 100% flawless and we want you to know exactly what to anticipate.

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There are a ton of alternative website builders available that provide excellent services; some of them you may be familiar with, and some you may not.

In any case, the top 21 spots listed below merit a special attention. Popular website building services are included in this list, along with a few deserving mentions.

A technology that makes it possible to create a website (or several websites) without knowing code is called a website builder.

The tool is typically chosen by people or companies who wish to have an online presence but do not necessarily have website development experience.

The website builder usually comes with several templates, or pre-made website designs. After selecting their favorite template, the user use a drag-and-drop editor to reorganize the website and add new material (photo galleries, videos, forms, social media feeds, and anything else that is available).

Anything from a few straightforward personal webpages to a sophisticated corporate website and even bustling, feature-rich online stores may be made with a decent website builder.

A website builder is an online platform where you can create and manage your website in a browser, usually with web hosting included. The majority of builders pride themselves on being straightforward, using drag-and-drop editors that let you quickly create a fully functional website.

Using website builders has the benefit of enabling even beginners to create incredibly feature-rich websites and online stores, as well as integrating them with a variety of different web platforms, social media, and payment processors.

You don't have precise control over the site design when using website builders, so if the image gallery component isn't functioning the way you want it to, there's nothing you can do about it.

You're also restricted to that platform after you've selected a website builder. If you create a website using Weebly, for example, and then decide a few years later that you want to switch to Wix, there is no method to move the website. You will need to begin the construction process over.

With desktop programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, you may create your website offline using web design software. With their drag-and-drop editors and templates, they can also be quite user-friendly; but, their intended audience is more advanced users who require complete access to the site code.

The main benefit of web design software is that, with the right skills and knowledge, you can customize the final product to function precisely how you want. Additionally, since the website isn't dependent on the characteristics of a certain website builder platform, it should function with the majority of web hosts—you're not restricted to using just one.

The additional complexity of website creation tools, the requirement to purchase hosting separately, and the fact that connecting to other platforms is frequently more challenging are its drawbacks. For example, you may be able to drag and drop your Facebook feed into a website builder, but with website design tools, this is usually a much more involved manual procedure.

The majority of users find website builders to be the greatest option due to their simplicity, so consider them if you're not sure which strategy is best for you. However, don't completely discount site design software. The greatest apps enable even beginners to create attractive, quick websites that can be installed and operated on any web server, provided that the site is tiny and straightforward.

Given the option to select from the top free website builders, why pay for one? Generally speaking, though, you get what you pay for. That is not to argue that there aren't any excellent free website builders available. The features you need to develop amazing web portals, like as customizable templates, user-friendly drag-and-drop editors, marketing tools, and mobile optimization, are still included in many free builders. Avoiding overspending on a website builder is mostly dependent on having a clear vision for the design of your website and doing extensive research.

It is true, though, that free website builders don't always include all of these capabilities. For instance, e-commerce solutions frequently require payment, and free plans typically do not include all of the functionality. Free website builders frequently come with uncontrollably annoying adverts. While you may not mind, they can occasionally be bothersome. Additionally, they may give your website an amateurish appearance. Likewise, you won't receive a dedicated web address when using free website builders, which may potentially damage your reputation. Thankfully, you can test before you buy with free trials available for a lot of premium website builders.

The question, "How much does a website builder cost?" has no simple answer. There are free website builders available for companies who are content with basic designs, are willing to tolerate advertisements, and accept a generic URL. Naturally, the majority of firms would not be satisfied with a free solution, which could result in websites that lack professionalism. The good news is that there are affordable, very functional website builders available. The majority operate on a monthly billing schedule, with entry-level services often costing as little as $6.

The price that website builders charge for extra functionality is something that all website managers need to know, though. Costs can go up rapidly even with a cheap basic web builder package if you need to purchase add-ons for marketing tools, e-commerce features, and security. It is imperative for businesses to maintain openness regarding the costs associated with their website; therefore, it is generally a good idea to extensively investigate potential platforms before selecting one. It's crucial to consider how scalable your website builder is, too. Will it still be appropriate when your company grows, and how will expenses change?

Although it may seem overwhelming, creating a website doesn't have to be tough; it all depends on your degree of experience, the kind of website you want, and how involved you want to be. Thankfully, a lot of website builders are made to be user-friendly for total novices, with drag-and-drop editors that eliminate the need for any prior coding knowledge. You can get a completely functional website up and running using the majority of web builders in less than an hour. Alternatively, those who are more affluent could use a professional web designer to create their website.

Depending on the website builder that a person chooses, the degree of complexity associated with developing a website themself will vary. While most of them are fairly simple to use, others include additional features that may require some familiarity with the website-building process to activate. Thankfully, the majority of platforms offer good help in the form of video lessons and how-to instructions. However, it is important to note that a lot of the most basic website builders have restricted customization options. Anyone who really wants total control over their website will benefit from having some coding expertise in addition to having some prior HTML knowledge.

For those wishing to create a website, using WordPress or a website builder are both excellent choices, but each has pros and cons of its own. WordPress, a content management system that powers 39% of the internet, is among the best solutions available for managing content, not like website builders. Since its initial release, WordPress has expanded its feature set to include e-commerce capabilities, themes, and add-ons in addition to its fundamental content management system. However, novice website builders might discover that WordPress has a somewhat challenging learning curve. The language can be highly complex, and users might even have to tweak the occasional snippet of code to make a plugin function.

Certain platforms (like Bluehost) let you to use a basic drag-and-drop website builder while still taking advantage of WordPress's functionality.

It's likely that most internet users picture websites as being located at their individual web addresses. In actuality, webpages must also be physically stored on servers somewhere. The term "web hosting" describes the setup and upkeep of these actual servers. For any website to maintain the physical infrastructure necessary for it to stay online, a hosting provider is required. Adding a little bit of complexity, there are various kinds of hosting options. Smaller websites are ideal for shared hosting because it allows them to share resources at a lower cost with other websites. Although dedicated hosting is more costly, it offers greater bandwidth, security, and customization choices.

In its most basic form, a website builder is completely independent of the physical web hosting and merely offers the tools needed to develop a web page. Nevertheless, a lot of website builders also provide web hosting, albeit at an extra price. Naturally, those who choose not to utilize a website builder for the creation of their online portal will have to independently find a web hosting company. To put it simply, web hosting determines the physical location of a website, whereas website builders control the appearance of a website.

Wix is the greatest website builder available for novices. The reason for this is because Wix's website builder is incredibly simple to use and intuitive. For new users, Wix also often offers deals and discounts. With Wix, creating an online store is incredibly easy because no coding knowledge is required. For the same reasons, Wix is the best website builder for small businesses.

If this is your first time creating a website, you should dedicate yourself to using an easy-to-use website builder. That's where Wix comes in, allowing you to quickly create and publish a website. Additionally, Wix features an artificial design intelligence (ADI) system that will pose a few general inquiries regarding the kind of website you like to build. Based on your responses to the questions, Wix will next provide you with a website shell customized for the kind of website you want to build.

Indeed! Most website builders enable you to scale your website easily as your business expands. Usually, this entails changing your package. By doing this, you get access to more sophisticated tools and better hosting, which will enable your website to handle and handle higher visitor traffic and the demands that it places on it.

Customized, enterprise-level assistance is another feature that many website builders offer, even if you outgrow the best publicly available plan. It is advisable to investigate the potential expansion support offered by your preferred website builder before making a significant investment.

Certainly, most website builders will have certain security features like HTTPS and SSL integrated in. These protocols use encryption to provide secure communications between your website and its users.

Strong security measures give users of your website a sense of security. When handling sensitive data, including credit card and personal information, this is extremely crucial.

Find out what level of security is included in the packages offered by the website builder of your choice.

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