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I need help creating my own website for a business that I want to start in the next months.

Okay, so you guys have this great business concept, right? I'm talking about selling bath bombs and candles that I make by myself right out of my crib. The problem is that, in order to reach all of the prospective clients out there on the internet, I need to create a website for my business. Currently, I have never constructed a website before, so I feel a little confused and overwhelmed by the whole process. However, I'm not giving up since I'm confident that my company idea will succeed!

First things first, I need to choose the platform that I want to use to create my website. I've heard good things about Shopify and WordPress, but I'm not sure which is ideal for my needs. I think I need to do some study and perhaps consult with other people who have done this before for guidance. I don't feel embarrassed to ask for assistance since I know that doing this correctly is essential to the success of my business.

I then need to consider how I want to build this website. Like my fragrances and bath products, I want to make it seem adorable and comfortable. Perhaps some gentle hues, some lovely images, and simple navigation would help people locate what they're looking for. When people visit my website, I want them to feel as though they are entering a home spa. I'm not trying to make it overly intricate or fancy.

Because people these days are always on their phones, I also need to make sure that my website is user-friendly on mobile devices. I'm not trying to pass up on all those prospective customers because my website isn't responsive. I have to make sure that it loads quickly and looks excellent on a variety of screen sizes. To see whether there are any problems, I suppose I could try it on my own phone and perhaps invite other friends to do the same.

One last thing I need to think about is how I'm going to sell this website once it's live. I understand I need to spread the word about my company to let people know I'm here. I've been considering using social media, possibly running some advertisements, and contacting influential people to help get the word out. I'm willing to put in the effort necessary to see my business through to success, even though I realize it will need some work.

I also have to make sure that people can use my website safely and securely. I'm not trying to have hackers tamper with my business or steal personal information from people. It is imperative that I utilize a reliable web hosting provider, set up HTTPS, and potentially obtain an SSL certificate. I am aware that this information is crucial to earning my clients' trust and ensuring their security as they browse and make purchases from my website.

It seems necessary to me to ensure that my website is search engine optimized as well. I want to make sure that people may find my website when they look for candles and bath items on the internet. I need to study some keywords, create some quality material, and perhaps even get in touch with some other websites to request backlinks. I'm aware that this will require some time and work, but I'm not scared because I know it's crucial to expanding my business.

Additionally, I need to make sure that I have high-quality images and descriptions for each of my products. I want people to notice how amazing my bath products and candles are and become eager to purchase. I have to make sure that my descriptions are thorough and compelling, and that my photographs are sharp and captivating. It will take some time to take these pictures and write these descriptions, but I'm sure it will be worthwhile in the end.

I realize I also need to build up a means for people to pay for the purchases they place on my website. I've been considering using Stripe or PayPal for this. I have to make sure that people can make purchases with ease and security so they don't have to worry about anything. I am aware that this information is crucial to ensuring that visitors to my website make purchases and return for more.

Finally, I need to make sure that my website is updated and maintained. I'm not trying to force people to come to my website and view the same thing each time. I need to run promotions, offer new things, and perhaps even launch a blog to keep people interested and coming back for more. I have to make sure that my website is up to date with current trends and maintains visitors' interest in what I'm doing with my business.

To sum up, creating my own website for my company will need a lot of work, but I am confident that it will be worthwhile in the end. To reach all of those prospective clients out there, I have to remain dedicated to making this website the best it can be. I am aware that I don't have to do this alone and that I may ask those who have been there before for assistance and guidance. I can't wait to see where this path leads and, in a few months, to officially open for business. I am confident that I have what it takes to realize this dream, and I'm not going to allow anything stop me!

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