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Add icons to the core button block in WordPress.

To add icons to the WordPress Core Button Block, first click on the block to select it. Then, access the block settings and choose an icon from the available options to customize the button.

The popular Icon Block plugin, created by Automattic developer advocate and core contributor Nick Diego, lets users add unique SVG icons and visuals to the WordPress block editor. Though it is outside the purview of the plugin, he is frequently asked if it is possible to add icons to the main Button block. He created a plugin last week that, without requiring the creation of a custom block, implements this feature request in a different plugin.

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Diego will host a workshop on extending core WordPress blocks at the end of the month, and the Enable Button Icons plugin will be featured in that. Another installment of the Developer Hours series will take place via the Meetup group called Learn WordPress Online Workshops. Diego and a group of contributors have just concluded a Developer Hours session that included a preview and tour of the next default theme, Twenty Twenty-Four. Keep an eye out for the addition of the next event to the schedule later this week.

More hooks, filters, and extensibility for the block editor have been requested by developers, and a forthcoming Hallway Hangout will prioritize topics pertaining to expanding Gutenberg. Contributors will talk about the 110 open issues tagged as Extensibility and the 20 issues tagged as Blocks Adoption, which are issues that have an immediate bearing on adopting Gutenberg features. You are all welcome to participate if you would like to discuss block editor extensibility issues.

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