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WordPress Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons – Forbes Advisor INDIA

WordPress Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons – Forbes Advisor INDIA

WordPress is a well-known content management system and website builder (CMS). Users have many customization options on this free, open-source platform, which gives them a lot of influence over its functioning and appearance. WordPress can be a good choice if you want to build a highly customized website with special features.

Although it has a high learning curve, be aware that not everyone will find it suitable. See if the well-known website builder WordPress is the best fit for your requirements, skill level, and price range by reading our in-depth evaluation of the platform.

Note that this is not a review of, the blog hosting platform, but rather of, the website builder and content management system.

Starting at INR 165.53 ($1.99)

Monthly INR 219 ($2.64)

Overview of Ratings

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that is widely used for website creation and administration. Although users must pay for a hosting business, it is free to use. WordPress gives customers complete control over how they choose to build their website thanks to its customizable themes and designs. Compared to other content management systems, WordPress is less user-friendly for novices, and more complex customization requires coding expertise. Having said that, WordPress is the most popular platform for building websites.

WordPress's flexibility in terms of website design is one of its best features. Because WordPress allows users to have complete access to its code, they can alter any predefined theme or design to their hearts' desire. With that in addition to the over 59,000 free WordPress plugins that enhance a website's functionality and features, the possibilities for creating a website are essentially endless.

Another significant benefit for WordPress users is that the software is open-source. WordPress was created with accessibility in mind. Online resources abound, and a sizable user and developer community exists that is committed to helping others in need by sharing their expertise.

Look elsewhere if you're seeking for a straightforward, out-of-the-box design configuration. The extensive customization options offered by WordPress come with a steep learning curve. WordPress is more complex than other CMS platforms, which provide basic drag-and-drop themes that are accessible to even the most novice user. Users need to know how to code in order to alter the design of a website. Users must be proficient in using and editing HTML, CSS, and PHP in order to make even the most basic changes to a template, or they should employ a developer who is.

WordPress is not owned by a single entity, as it is an open-source platform. This implies that users are unable to contact customer support if they have a question or require assistance. Users are directed to peruse the WordPress support database and community-supported forums in lieu of receiving individualized assistance. These resources offer a wealth of useful knowledge, but they might not be suitable for every issue that comes up.

It is crucial to remember that WordPress comes in two versions.For the sake of this study, we will be concentrating on and The fully hosted version,, charges a monthly price akin to those of Weebly or Wix. The free, open-source self-hosted version is available at While is more constrained, offers customers more freedom over their website but has a steeper learning curve.

See our side-by-side analysis of vs. for further information.

The fact that WordPress is free is among its greatest benefits. WordPress users typically invest money on a domain name, web hosting, upgraded themes, and premium plugins even though the platform is free. The monthly cost of all these extras can range from a few dollars to hundreds of additional dollars.

Furthermore, companies could have to pay for expert aid if they require assistance with tasks that tech support cannot handle or if they want to put any design concepts into action that are above your scope of expertise. Therefore, remember that it's wise to set aside money in case you require the services of a web developer or designer. See our post on WordPress costs for a more thorough examination of prices.

Starting at INR 165.53 ($1.99)

Monthly INR 219 ($2.64)

Developing a WordPress website is not a task for the timid. Compared to many of the popular drag-and-drop website builders, it has a much steeper learning curve. WordPress is not the right platform for you if you want to create a website from scratch. Not only does customizing the website require code expertise, but troubleshooting issues as they occur also calls for coding ability.

WordPress security is continuously improved by a team of about fifty security experts. The WordPress security team often works with other reliable security teams, security researchers, and hosting companies to repair vulnerabilities in shared dependencies, like the one in the PHP XML parser.

A significant factor in website security is web hosting. WordPress does not host websites, so it's critical to choose a reliable hosting company that takes extra security measures to protect its servers from intrusions.

As previously noted, WordPress lacks a dedicated customer care division due to its free, open-source nature. Nonetheless, there is a substantial WordPress support community. There are countless free online courses and guides available to teach you the fundamentals of WordPress. In the WordPress community forum, users can post questions and look up previously submitted queries.

If customers require assistance beyond what can be found in free internet resources, hosting companies like Bluehost give round-the-clock customer service tailored to WordPress on their WordPress plans, and independent developers can assist in resolving difficult issues.

Right now, WordPress appears to be the most versatile website builder available. Users can write custom code for their website to offer special functionality or tweak tools because it is open source. You can write code to accomplish anything that comes to mind. Anyone with coding knowledge can also write plugins thanks to the open-source coding, which has led to WordPress having one of the biggest plugin libraries worldwide. There are currently over 59,000 plugins for WordPress, and that figure is rising daily.

Although WordPress is free, the website builder and hosting are still costs. The free plan offered by Wix is extremely constrained. The monthly cost of its entry-level package, which includes hosting, is INR 199. If you require extensive modification and know enough code to make it happen (or are prepared to pay a developer to do it), WordPress is a better fit. Wix is most appropriate for people seeking a straightforward, user-friendly website.

See our in-depth comparison of Wix vs. WordPress to find out more about how the two stack up.

Comparable to Wix, Weebly is among the most reasonably priced website builders available and is incredibly user-friendly, especially for novices. It's an excellent option for anyone who want to quickly create a professional website or online store because of its drag-and-drop editor. WordPress will work better for people who want to customize websites that are more feature-rich. WordPress boasts thousands of built-in free themes, but Weebly only has about fifty.

Visit Weebly for additional insights.

Although Squarespace is not inexpensive, it is renowned for its visually beautiful themes and designs. The platform does not provide a free plan; nevertheless, hosting, templates, site management, and plugins are all included in the monthly subscription fee. WordPress is a superior choice if you value SEO.

Although SEO tools like sitemaps, automated markup, SEO page names, and clean URLs are included in Squarespace plans, WordPress offers users significantly more control over the SEO of their websites than Squarespace provides. Apart from the integrated SEO tools, WordPress provides an extensive range of all possible SEO tools via its plugins. Yoast is a very important WordPress SEO plugin that raises rankings in search results.

Find out all the details about Squarespace vs. WordPress.

Starting at INR 165.53 ($1.99)

Monthly INR 219 ($2.64)

Without a question, WordPress powers about half of the most popular websites on the internet. With almost no limitations, customers can create the website of their dreams thanks to the incredibly powerful website builders. Not everyone, though, is cut out for this kind of authority. Overly accommodating consumers may not be the best idea, particularly if they lack coding or website development expertise. Find out more about the top website builders for small businesses if you're still not sure.

What separates from is multifaceted. is self-hosted, but is fully hosted. This is the primary distinction.

With more than 59,000 plugins accessible, WordPress boasts one of the biggest plugin libraries globally.

With the CMS, users can create websites for free. Users still have to pay for hosting, though, in order to store their website. The monthly cost of hosting can range from INR 331 to INR 4,894, or $4 to $59 in total. For further details, see our post on the top hosting companies.

The majority of website builders, like, are ahead of the curve when it comes to maintaining the security of their sites since they provide state-of-the-art technologies. They achieve this by employing cutting-edge technology to safeguard the websites of its clients. As a result, the majority of website development firms provide some of the greatest security solutions out there.

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