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Best WordPress Hosting of 2024

Best WordPress Hosting of 2024

Select the WordPress hosting plan that works best for you. To assist you in making the best choice, we have analyzed costs, features, performance, and support.

Every month, CNET's knowledgeable staff evaluates and ranks dozens of new goods and services, drawing from their combined 25+ years of experience.

WordPress hosting can assist you in quickly launching and maintaining your website.

One of the most popular content management systems available for websites nowadays is WordPress. According to Kinsta, WordPress powers close to 43% of websites and is used to create more than 500 new ones every day. This makes it far superior than alternative website-building choices.

Selecting a hosting provider for WordPress might be difficult. Many WordPress hosting providers have excellent customer support and a ton of useful features at a cost that is affordable. To make your decision easier, we looked at the information for 22 services.

We went over each service's offerings and assigned a ranking based on key characteristics, even though we didn't test any of them. These are the criteria we used to identify the top WordPress hosting provider. For additional details on some of these capabilities, you can also read CNET's best web hosting services and things to know about web hosting.

Hosting options with tiers: These plans allow you to expand your WordPress website as it expands.

Security features: To safeguard your data and those of your visitors, services must have a few fundamental security features like SSL certificates, DDoS defenses, and backups. The greatest web hosting carry out this service for free.

Uptime of 99.9% or higher: This level of uptime guarantees that your website won't go offline for longer than 43.83 minutes per month, minimizing reader and sales losses.

All four of those requirements are satisfied by the top WordPress hosting providers. If a service fails on any one or more of those criteria, you can locate it on our list of extra WordPress hosts or on our list of alternative WordPress hosting options.

WordPress recommends Bluehost and Dreamhost, two of the WordPress hosting on our list. Dreamhost and Bluehost don't rank among our top WordPress providers. Dreamhost only provides customer assistance via chat during specific daily hours and does not offer phone help, whereas Bluehost does not guarantee uptime.

Note: It can be challenging to understand hosting service prices. Services typically offer one-year or longer contracts at introductory pricing. The rates increase significantly once those contracts expire, so the overall cost is not what it initially appears to be. Because most providers automatically renew contracts every year to guarantee that websites are operational, it is crucial to review the renewal pricing. While there are occasionally actual month-to-month agreements available, they often charge at the normal rate without an introductory discount.

StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek are the three WordPress hosting choices that SiteGround provides. All of them provide unlimited traffic, but as you progress from StartUp to GrowBig and ultimately GoGeek, you'll receive further benefits like greater server resources and on-demand backups.

Security features like SSL certificates, regular backups, and a personalized web application firewall are included with every SiteGround WordPress service.

Outperforming the industry average of 99.9%, SiteGround has an uptime of 99.99%. Less than an hour of downtime should be expected annually by customers, as opposed to roughly nine hours for businesses that only provide 99.9% uptime.

24/7 customer service is offered by phone, chat, or ticket submission. In the event that you wish to resolve any problems on your own, SiteGround also provides tutorials.

When you buy a WordPress package, you also get free site migration and automatic WordPress installation. Additionally, all plans include with automatic updates, allowing you to set up a timetable for when new plugins or versions become available. In addition, Siteground matches all energy used by its data centers with 100% renewable sources.

The fact that Siteground's rates rise significantly beyond the initial pricing is a drawback. There are three levels to Siteground. StartUp is the first, and it starts at $3 per month. After the first year, it renews at the usual rate of $18 per month, which is six times the promotional price. The GrowBig plan, which starts at $5 per month and has a $30 monthly renewal rate, and the GoGeek plan, which starts at $8 per month and has a $45 monthly renewal rate, come next.

The monthly price starts at $3.

An SSL certificate, web application firewalls, and malware and hacker protection are included in all plans.

With a 99.99% uptime rate, InMotion Hosting surpasses the industry average for uptime.

Unlike many other WordPress hosting companies, InMotion Hosting provides shared, VPS, and dedicated WordPress hosting. Additionally, each of these programs has tiers that let you customize your subscription. While dedicated WordPress hosting offers seven tiers, VPS WordPress hosting offers four. Compared to other services, these extra tiers give you more alternatives for plans.

If you select an InMotion Hosting WordPress hosting plan, be sure to confirm that the add-ons are marked as yes or no. Certain selections are automatically marked as affirmative, but you can change these.

The monthly price starts at $3.

Three tiers of regular WordPress plans are available from IONOS: Essential, Business, and Unlimited. While the Unlimited plan offers unlimited data and greater resources, the Essential and Business plans have limited data.

Certain of the best security measures are included in IONOS plans. Malware scans, SSL certificates, and DDoS defenses are included in all plans. Certain plans include with security tools that assist in repairing any harm that malware may have caused to your website. Every plan has backups that are stored for six days and are performed at least once every 24 hours. As an additional security precaution, the entirety of a customer's data is kept in two different data centers. This guarantees that users can always access their data, even in the event of a cyberattack taking down a data center.

The uptime guarantee of IONOS is 99.98%, which is greater than that of the majority of other WordPress web hosting providers. Your website and its services will continue to function even in the event that the IONOS data center has a power outage thanks to backup generators and battery-operated power supply.

Customers of IONOS have access to several special customer care choices. Customer service is offered by chat or phone around-the-clock. Additionally, IONOS offers a list with customer service lines located in 14 different nations. Plans also include a personal consultant who will serve as your primary contact in the event that you require assistance with your website.

WordPress Pro, IONOS's version of dedicated WordPress hosting, is also available. It has capabilities to manage more complex tasks and processes. For instance, you can preview site updates with the staging tool prior to their implementation.

The lowest starting price of any hosting service is also offered by IONOS.

The cheapest option on this list starts at $1, making it the lowest entry price; nevertheless, after six months, that price grows by approximately 900%, the highest rate of renewal of any plan on this list. Although the $12 monthly renewal fee is less expensive than some other service providers' promotional prices, it can still be startling to pay if you continue with IONOS after your original contract expires. After purchasing the plan, you must install WordPress manually; however, IONOS provides an installation tutorial.

Monthly costs start at $1.

Run, Jump, Fly, and Sell are the four tiers of WordPress hosting plans that A2 Hosting provides. Fly and Sell plans give limitless data storage and an infinite number of websites, while Run and Jump plans have limits on both data storage and the number of websites you may host. E-commerce capabilities are included on Sell in case you're attempting to launch an online store.

Security features like an SSL certificate, two firewalls, a virus scanner, and brute force resistance are included with every plan. The Patchman advanced security tool and the Immunify360 security suite, which normally costs $12 per month, are included with each of the four programs. Automated daily virus scans are also included in the Fly and Sell programs.

A2 Hosting guarantees a 99.9% uptime rate. With an industry standard uptime of 99.9%, your website shouldn't experience more than nine hours of downtime annually.

Additionally, A2 Hosting provides free site migration, often valued at $300 to $400. Additionally, there aren't any extras that are added to your payment automatically when you check out. If you're interested, there are add-ons, but they're not pushed upon you. Since 2007, A2 Hosting has also maintained carbon neutrality.

The largest drawback? In comparison to other WordPress hosting providers, A2 Hosting has a comparatively expensive entry price, which is greater than the cost of certain other providers' renewals.

The monthly cost starts at $12.

Three tiers of WordPress hosting plans are available from HostGator: the Baby Plan, Business Plan, and Pro Plan. The quantity of storage, the number of websites you may run, and the vCPU performance are the primary differences between each plan.

SSL certificates and DDoS defenses are included with HostGator plans. WordPress plans can also be combined with security protections from SiteLock Fix and automated backups from CodeGuard, which start at $2 per month. All of these would come to at least $120 a year, although CodeGuard is selectable at multiple prices and SiteLock is free. It is strongly advised, according to HostGator, for anyone in possession of "critical business information or important data to seek a third-party backup service" (emphasis added). It's possible that HostGator is merely defending itself legally, but this doesn't seem like a sign of support for the company's current backup mechanism.

HostGator guarantees 99.9% uptime. This means that, in accordance with industry standards, your website shouldn't go offline for longer than nine hours annually.

Clients can contact HostGator customer service agents by phone or chat around-the-clock. A database containing several articles, tutorials, and videos is also available to users. Though they might be helpful when you feel that chatting to customer care online or over the phone isn't helping, not all providers offer video training. There's also active HostGator support on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Additionally, HostGator offers a one-click WordPress installation method. If you need more assistance, HostGator also provides a video guide.

Each tiered plan has an initial fee, just like other services, and the price increases as the plan renews. HostGator does not list the renewal pricing close to the introductory price like other firms do. The renewal pricing is only visible during the checkout process, so I have extracted those rates and provided them below.

Monthly plans begin at $4.50.

HostPapa guarantees 99.9% uptime. This indicates that you should anticipate a maximum of nine hours of downtime per year for your website, as this is the industry standard.

Although HostPapa also provides unmanaged WordPress accounts, its managed plans are more costly than its basic WordPress plans. Another carbon-neutral hosting provider is HostPapa.

Prior to checking out, just like with other services, make sure your order is correct. Certain extras, like better security measures and automatic backups, are automatically added to your basket and will set you back an additional $40 or more.

The monthly price starts at $3.

HostPapa automatically adds new features to your bill at a separate cost when you check out.

Three tiers of WordPress hosting are available from GoDaddy Web Hosting: Basic, Deluxe, and Ultimate. The data caps for each plan are 30GB, 20GB, and 10GB, respectively. Broadband is unmetered for all plans. Additionally, the Ultimate package facilitates a quick launch for your online business.

An SSL certificate, automatic daily malware scans, and at least weekly backups are included on every plan. Access via secure file transfer protocol is also included in all plans.

GoDaddy guarantees 99.9% uptime, which is common for the business. This implies that you should anticipate approximately nine hours of website downtime annually.

GoDaddy users get access to a help center brimming with tutorials and videos, as well as round-the-clock phone and chat assistance.

Every hosting package comes with WordPress preinstalled. There isn't a significant price rise when plans renew, in contrast to other services.

The monthly cost is $11 at first.

Security features including an SSL certificate, automated daily backups, and iThemes Security Pro—worth $80 annually—are included in every Nexcess subscription.

A 99.998% uptime guarantee is offered by Nexcess. This implies that clients should anticipate much less downtime than the average—less than one hour on average annually.

Staging sites are also included with every plan so you may test changes to your website before they go live. You can also have WordPress plugins tested by Nexcess. To ensure you don't have to worry about whether something will work on your site or not, they create a clone of your website and test the plugin.

In contrast to other web hosting providers, Nexcess offers monthly promotional prices that are valid for a maximum of four months before they increase. Longer promotional durations are available on most other services. Even with the promotional discount, annual plans are still less expensive than a full year of monthly rates even though they don't provide promo prices.

Monthly rates begin at $14.70.

WordPress Startup ++, WordPress Professional ++, and WordPress Advanced ++ are the three tiers of WordPress hosting plans that AccuWeb Hosting provides. While the other two tiers give infinite WordPress websites, Startup ++ only allows for five. Every plan has a cap on other resources like bandwidth and storage.

An SSL certificate, malware protection, and DDoS mitigation technologies are all included in each package.

A 99.9% uptime is guaranteed by AccuWeb Hosting. Thus, you should budget approximately nine hours for downtime annually.

WordPress customer service is accessible by phone, chat, and ticket submission around-the-clock. AccuWeb Hosting further states, "Almost every ticket is definitely answered in 15 minutes and resolved within 6 hours by our technicians." Since most other services that allow users to submit tickets don't specify when they would receive a response, AccuWeb Hosting's guarantee of a response in six hours or less seems reasonable.

Every plan includes WordPress preinstalled, making it simple to get started building your website as soon as you make a purchase. Additionally, 24/7 site security monitoring is included with every AccuWeb Hosting plan, so if your website goes down while you're not looking, someone should already be aware of the issue and working to fix it.

You can add 10GB of extra disk space for $6 a month after purchasing a subscription. Additionally, you can buy more bandwidth. Should you decide to buy both of these add-ons, the final cost may exceed the price of the WordPress Starter plan upon renewal.

Monthly plans start at $4.

Some of these providers lack an uptime guarantee, less security features, or customer assistance compared to the finest services. It is still possible to discover a service that meets your needs.

The monthly price starts at $3.

The monthly starting price is $3.18.

The longest money-back guarantee of any hosting provider on this list is DreamHost's, which is good for shared hosting services and lasts for 97 days. This could assist you in determining whether WordPress hosting is the best option for you if you're new to it. With a monthly contract, you can start at the lowest starting price of $8 per month, which renews after your first month. In addition, DreamHost offers VPS WordPress hosting with four tiers and DreamPress, a managed WordPress hosting solution with three tiers. Aside from that, DreamHost provides a 100% uptime guarantee, two basic WordPress tiered options, and security features like an SSL certificate and automated daily backups. There isn't much customer service, though. There is always email help available, plus there is chat assistance available from

The monthly starting price is $2.59.

The monthly price starts at $3.

The monthly price starts at $3.

Wonderstart by Bluehost was designed to assist you in becoming familiar with all aspects of WordPress. You can get assistance with plug-ins or site setup from the team of professionals. In addition to security features like two-factor authentication and an SSL certificate for the first year, Bluehost offers four tiers of WordPress hosting services. In addition to the Blue Flash team, you can contact customer service by phone or chat around-the-clock. It's alarming that Bluehost doesn't offer an uptime guarantee. Although their uptime agreement promises to fix most problems in 15 minutes or less, it makes no mention of how frequently service outages can occur. If your website experiences a 15-minute outage per day, it can be attributed to more than three days of outage every year. The sector

The monthly price starts at $3.

The monthly starting price is $5.24.

Monthly costs start at $6.

These services are either too expensive to use at first (at least ten times more expensive than some other services), don't provide tiered plans, or don't have basic security features or customer support choices. Although they might not be as durable as our other recommendations, they might be suitable for you and your requirements.

WP Engine Web Hosting offers three different levels of WordPress hosting, an SSL certificate with threat prevention security built in, a 99.99% uptime guarantee on higher tier plans, and round-the-clock phone and chat assistance. Monthly costs start at $20.

NameCheap offers three tiers of WordPress hosting, security measures like SSL included in higher priced plans, 99.9% uptime, and round-the-clock chat and ticket assistance. The monthly rate is $1.43, with an annual billing of $17.16.

Glowhost: Plans for shared, cloud VDS, and dedicated WordPress hosting are offered; however, there are no tiers within the plans; security features are sold separately; plans are guaranteed to have a 99.95% uptime; and customer service is accessible around-the-clock via phone, chat, or ticket submission. Monthly costs start at $10.

See the top website builders and web hosting services on CNET for additional information on web hosting.

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