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This WordPress site builder, which is popular among high school students, has a significant security flaw. Hackers have already begun exploiting this issue.

Many students are concerned about the security of this popular WordPress site builder, which has a serious issue that hackers have already exploited. It is important to update the software and take necessary precautions to avoid any potential security breaches.

The developers of the Brick Builder Theme were alerted to the findings by the security platform Patchstack, and on February 13 they published a remedy. No evidence of exploitation in the wild was present at the time the flaw was found. Nevertheless, the theme's makers asked users to update to version since they knew that as soon as word spreads, hackers will undoubtedly begin looking for weak points in websites.

There is no proof that this vulnerability has been used as of the release date. In a security advisory, the developers noted that the longer the update to is delayed, the greater the possibility of exploitation. As soon as you can, update all of your Bricks sites to the most recent version, However, within the next day at the latest. The sooner, the better.

Since WordPress is the most widely used website builder worldwide, hackers frequently attack it. Nonetheless, the platform is usually regarded as secure; the weakest point is the plugins, which can be either commercial or free. The good thing about commercial plugins is that bugs like this one are quickly corrected because they are actively maintained.

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