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The WordPress 6.4.1 maintenance release fixes bugs that were present in version 6.4.

WordPress 6.4.1 is a maintenance release that addresses bugs found in the previous version 6.4. It includes various fixes to ensure the platform runs smoothly and efficiently for users.

WordPress 6.4, also known as Shirley, has a number of problems. Version 6.4.1 of the maintenance release is released to address them.

A breaking change for anyone using curl version 7.29 (at least) on a host was included in the Requests library version 6.4 update.

This problem was another one of those arbitrary ones. In this instance, it concerned servers using cURL 7.29, an antiquated and older version of the cURL library. cURL is currently at version 8.4.0.

Shirley was the codename for the original WordPress 6.4 version that was updated with this latest maintenance release. The latest maintenance release practically demands a codename. Please do not call me Shirley.

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