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Best WordPress plugin of 2024

Best WordPress plugin of 2024

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Over the past few years, there have been two major factors that have transformed the way we use the internet.

1. Top survey plugin 2. Top social media add-on 3. Top SEO Add-on 4. Top security add-on 5. Top-rated membership plugin 6. Top plugin for landing pages 7. Top gallery plugin 8. Top forum plugin 9. The best plugin for forms 10. Top e-commerce plugin 11. Top directory plugin 12. Top plugin for contact forms 13. Top cache plugin 14. The best plugin for backups 15. Top analytics plugin

12. The greatest plugin for booking 13. Top LMS Plugin 14. Top pop-ups addon 15. Top translation plugin 16. FAQs 17. The way we evaluate

First, and perhaps most obviously, the epidemic forced many businesses to relocate to the internet, where they had to quickly adapt to meet the needs of an expanding customer base. Second, as the idea of the online continues to develop, users are becoming increasingly in charge of their own data. There aren't many better website builder services than WordPress.

It is a fantastic web hosting service that can provide almost anything you could possibly need from an online presence. The WordPress platform is essentially a blank canvas, but what makes it so strong is its support for an infinite variety of plugins. However, it might be intimidating to know how to navigate this potentially unknown area. Installing plugins has several advantages, including protection against attacks, e-commerce areas to help you grow your business, and behind-the-scenes updates to boost performance, stability, and dependability.

After testing and selecting a few of the most popular plugin categories, we've highlighted some of the best aspects of each plugin and tried and tested them ourselves. Since each person's situation will be a little bit different, we've also highlighted one or two equally strong and stunning alternatives.

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For any business, whether you're trying to measure product interest or usage information, creating a survey may be an invaluable tool. Because of this, the market is quite saturated, and it can be challenging to sort through the noise and choose the ideal answer.

When it comes to our favourite survey plugins, Crowdsignal comes in first. Whether it's the different free question kinds (including multiple choice, text fields, and Likert scales) or the expensive branding choices to help preserve your company's identity, it's undoubtedly one of the most configurable tools of its kind.

Unlimited questions are included in the free plans, however only the first 2,500 responses will be gathered. This will be plenty for a lot of firms, but if you choose the Premium plan, the limit is eliminated. Team plans provide access for up to three people, while Business options include branding and custom domains.

See our whole evaluation of Crowdsignal here.

Due to its 250 poll views (not responses) cap, OpinionStage is a wonderful alternative for small businesses. If this is your first time using OpinionStage, we appreciate its large library of free themes. Modal Surveys' inexpensive one-time licence charge will cover you for life if you value extremely low costs, but it comes at the expense of a slightly more basic service.

Even if you had all the will in the world, it would be difficult to avoid social media. And that's if you're a client; if you own a company, networking sites might be your greatest ally. About 100 bookmarking and sharing services are supported by Sassy Social Share, ranging from the well-known to the less well-known.

You may choose where and how you want a social bar to appear when it has been configured with your preferred networks, and you even have access to vector icons. Still, the list is extensive: official buttons (such as Facebook Like), support for URL shortening, and dedicated mobile and AMP support.

Unlike some other high-achieving plugins, SSS is completely free, and the developers guarantee that they will work nonstop to provide assistance.

We enjoy Grow Social Pros' clever design for something a little easier for beginners to use. Although there is a fee, more sophisticated capabilities like Google Analytics integration are provided. Because Social Snap and Social Warfare have dynamic pricing based on the number of sites you want to install their respective plugins on, they are also worthy of your consideration.

Ranking for SEO will be your first concern whether you're using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) to record and publish content or as a tool to promote a local company or expand an independent store.

Yoast, arguably the most well-known and reputable SEO plugin for WordPress, assists content producers in differentiating between headings, page names, and post titles in order to target as many keywords as possible.

Thankfully, it is available for free, although for certain businesses, the premium version might be more advantageous due to its expanded support for media and news, as well as its recommendations for improving internal linking and rerouting URLs to lessen the impact of 404 failures.

All-in-One SEO Pack, as its name implies, claims to provide everything you need in one place, including an automatically created site content map. It was designed to be simple enough for novices, but more experienced users can expand its functionality through an API. We have given Rank Math excellent scores for its free service, which even includes an integrated importer to pull data from Yoast and other commercial services, if cost is your primary concern as a small business owner. However, there are concerns about its profitability and capacity to continue operating on a free basis.

Sucuri is great for general protection because it removes the need to install several identical plugins, but in comparison to its competitors, it does seem a bit pricey. Anticipate features such as firewalls, monitoring, and detecting systems in addition to defenses against SEO spamming.

We give it a higher rating since, should you need these other kinds of tools, it can also handle other kinds of tasks like optimization and performance enhancements, making it a better value for the money.

Three tiers of pricing are available per site, each of which adds more security and frequent scans. Additionally, a sales team could be able to create a bundle for multiple sites.

Conversely, consumers who prefer peace of mind but may be less vulnerable to threats will find BulletProof Security appealing. It provides both a paid Pro plan that can be deployed on many sites and a free protection plan.

Have a passion you'd like to make money off of, but you're not sure where to begin and lack the necessary technical skills? You may manage specific settings like content protection, time-release content, and even membership administration including refunds and/or past-due payments by taking into account a high-performing membership plugin like MemberMouse.

We appreciate that it is user-friendly and doesn't require any IT expertise or coding knowledge to operate, yet it is incredibly feature-rich and highly adaptable.

There are three plans to choose from, with the cheapest one offering the most integrations. Installation and setup are straightforward. Our main worry is that top-tier Premium users are the only ones who can have limitless members, and here is where things start to get really expensive.

In terms of user-friendliness, MemberPress adheres to the same guidelines, allowing for automatic membership upgrades and downgrades. It can grow pricey, just like MemberMouse and very different from many other WordPress plugins. However, it does provide you with potentially endless income.

You might want to think about making your landing page more appealing if you're moving from a hobby blog or creative site to one that is more formal. This task can be quite demanding and time-consuming, unless you're comfortable installing plugins.

We choose Divi over Wordpress because it is more user-friendly and has a more real-time visual representation of changes than Wordpress does. In case you like to get started immediately, you can select from hundreds of templates.

A refreshing change in the world of subscriptions, the plugin's pricing is moderate and, similar to many others, it offers the opportunity to join up for a lifetime membership, which will end up being less expensive over time.

If you prefer an easy-to-use tool, Instapage is another one you should think about. It employs structured blocks that you can move about and change as you please. However, given this is a paid service, it is more expensive than others such as Brizy, which offers a real-time editing view and a plethora of themes.

We believe FooGallery is a feature-rich software that doesn't really need more in its free version. In addition to the essentials, it includes support for custom CSS, SEO optimization, and so-called lazy loading to speed up page loads.

A few things to anticipate are customer-facing front-end filters, video galleries (connected to Vimeo and YouTube accounts), and themes from the premium editions, which can be purchased on a monthly, yearly, or one-time, lifetime basis.

Should you object to the notion of paying more for additional capabilities, Gmedia Gallery ought to satisfy your needs. A fair one-time payment grants you lifetime access to the plugin, which you can use on a single website. If you want to use the plugin on more websites, the cost per unit decreases dramatically.

bbPress sticks out from the competition thanks to its high degree of customization. The fact that this is an open-source project managed by a group of enthusiasts makes it possible. Having said that, it lacks a certain level of sophistication because there isn't a single, unified company behind it.

It's humorous because additional plugins or add-ons may be added to the main plugin to enable various features of the interface, such as file attachments, avatar usage, and even moderation. Actually, there are almost 200 of these accessories available.

It is not for the faint of heart, but with a little practice, you can create a terrific, free forum.

Check out our complete bbPress review.

With its more user-friendly WYSIWYG interface, WP Discussion Board may be more appealing if you'd like have something a little less complicated. Anything above the most basic package, though, will cost money.

If you're looking for a short form, selecting from 40 templates and 30 question kinds should help you gather the appropriate data from the appropriate audience. Even more interactive features like video support, mapping integration, and enhanced CSS customizability are present.

One of our favorite features is the application of conditional logic, which modifies the form's appearance in response to user interaction. For example, it can display or conceal fields depending on user response history.

The fee is really reasonable, and since it's a one-time purchase, you don't have to worry about ongoing expenses. Depending on your demands, there's also a free version that is more basic.

Similar numbers of templates and question types are promised by Fluent Forms, which also boasts the same ease of use. With integrations to services like MailChimp, it might appeal to a different user base, but be prepared to pay more. Then there's Formidable Forms, which prioritizes the user experience by offering features like progress bars and mobile screen optimization for multi-page forms.

You'll need a dependable store whether you're producing, reselling, or selling your services. It's simple to think of the best ecommerce platforms, but these can be pricey and may not support your other business divisions, particularly if sales aren't your primary focus.

You may use it to sell elsewhere (like Facebook and Instagram) because it is more than just a WordPress plugin, which is rather useful in this day and age where having many channels equals multiple cash streams.

If you're just starting out, there is a free plan that lets you to sell up to 10 physical products. Paid plans, on the other hand, allow you to sell 100 physical SKUs and digital files up to 25GB. You can increase the limit and even obtain your own shopping apps for iOS and Android by paying extra.

Ecwid's variety makes it difficult to not recommend it, yet not everyone will benefit equally from its services. One company that focuses on digital assets is Easy Digital Downloads. Shopify is a substantial service in and of itself, and it's accessible as a WordPress plugin if Ecwid appeals to you but doesn't quite fit your needs. It's a terrific option for novices and can take care of practically everything for you.

We like that Business Directory Plugin is not limited to a directory; it is very adaptable and easy to set up. Yoast's SEO plugin (above) integration should make it easier for you to master SEO without requiring extensive knowledge, which might encourage you to give it a try.

Complete picture compatibility, easy scalability, monetization potential, and the ability to handle recurring payments are all provided by this plugin; however, as is the case with most things these days, it is not free, and the plugin further up the chain provides more features than the one below.

Connections Business Directory can be just what you're searching for if you're on a slightly tighter budget. It is free in its most fundamental form. Rather, the add-ons that allow users to submit their information to your directory via a form and CSV import are how the developers generate revenue.

Never before has it been more crucial to manage your communication channels, as clients worldwide want personalized connections and faster-than-ever reaction times.

With drag-and-drop fields, Everest Forms promises to give incredibly simple to design mobile-friendly forms. The plugin is quite adaptable since it can be used to create many forms, including those that collect donations via PayPal, since it functions just like any other ordinary form.

There is a free version of each of the four subscription plans, which may be purchased for lifetime access or renewed annually. Although the paid plans are not particularly inexpensive, the website frequently runs deals.

If you're looking for something a little more straightforward, Kali Forms accommodates novices and provides the same kind of functionalities. Although prices are lower, plans may be more constrained.

Although it might not be your first thought when installing plugins on your WordPress website, a cache tries to provide a static version of your site in order to speed up loading times and lessen server stress. If not, WordPress will load your site dynamically from an expanding database, which will annoy visitors.

Cache tools are similar to one other and don't really distinguish from other plugins. Since WP Super Cache is free, we advise installing it and letting it run its course most of the time since it will only help your visitors.

We find it fascinating to learn about open-source initiatives and believe that their input might be quite beneficial. Users of Hyper Cache, an open-source, free plugin, can anticipate frequent updates that contain industry knowledge—even if they don't have any! Another straightforward but effective free product is Cacher Enabler, this time from leading CDN provider KeyCDN.

After all this work spent producing fresh material, customizing your website, and perhaps adding media or merchandise for sale, the last thing you need right now is an attack that could cause you to lose everything.

The price plan is the main drawback; there are no possibilities for free and an ongoing subscription is required (no one-time purchase options).

Since BlogVault isn't technically a plugin, it won't affect your account. For a fee comparable to BackupBuddy, you can manage several aspects of your backups, including malware protection, but you will need to use its own storage space. Because it is a little less expensive than the others and supports websites like Dropbox and Google Drive, we really enjoy WP Time Capsule for its incremental restore and staging capability.

Analytics may be a very intimidating field. When you compare your website to others, what first seems like a simple chore of gathering information like page visits may easily become out of hand. Not to mention, it can be confusing to understand terms like visits and sessions. This is addressed with Analytify, which provides lucid findings directly into the WordPress dashboard.

It integrates with Google Analytics, a massive data source, and is fairly priced, but don't expect it to do everything. You will have to do without file tracking, which might not be that crucial in many situations.

If you're willing to spend a little extra money, ExactMetrics is a good option. Additionally, it provides helpful data directly into your WordPress dashboard and facilitates the analysis of posts, pages, and even e-commerce data.

Consider looking into 10Webs' suite of solutions, which includes Google Analytics, for something a little bit different. You receive 15 WordPress plugins and 30 plugin extensions for the fee, which needs either an annual or six-month commitment. Some of the things you get are Form Maker, Event Calendar, Social Feed, and YouTube. seem familiar to you? This is because a single subscription may allow you to check off a few different plugin categories.

You can tell that Bookly's developers are eager to convey the dependability and professionalism that are traits of the plugin itself by looking at its website on the WordPress plugin market, which has an extensive explanation accompanied by informative images and videos. We are not alone in appreciating its attraction, as seen by its eagerness to promote its 4.5-star average rating from more than 1,110 reviews and more than 60,000 active installs.

The best thing about it is that it's free, although there is also a premium version. An infinite number of staff members can access Bookly Pro, which also has built-in analytics, Google Calendar integration, online payment support (via a variety of firms, including PayPal and Stripe), and much more. It's also reasonably priced: the $89 charge gets you lifetime updates, but anything beyond six months of support would require additional payment.

We also give Booknetic great marks for its exceptionally beautiful interface and design, as well as its extensive list of integrations, which includes online payment processing services like PayPal and Stripe, as well as Bookly Pro. It costs $79, which is a little less.

With its feature-rich learning management system (LMS), Tutor LMS invites teachers of all skill levels to develop their own courses using its platform. Its simple drag-and-drop builder gives teachers control over the learning path of their students (with a mechanism called content drip).

It has dashboards for both front-end and back-end users, and it displays all the data in an easy-to-understand format. For instance, the tutor dashboard provides an overview of important data such as the total number of students, courses, and income. The organization offers a mobile-friendly learning environment, demonstrating that it understands remote learning.

The list of features is just endless, and we believe it to be among the greatest LMS options available outside of WordPress. However, there is a catch: the cost. Although the basic version is free, you'll probably want to upgrade to one of the three higher tiers, which run you $199, $399, or $799 annually. They can also be purchased for $499, $899, or $1,899 as one-time purchases. Even while this seems like a lot of money for a plugin, it's evident that Tutor LMS is much more than that and has the potential to significantly increase your income.

On the other end of the spectrum, there is another one that is free and worthy of note. Masteriyo claims to be the most user-friendly WordPress LMS plugin, but keep in mind that more sophisticated features are typically exclusive to premium packages.

We've all been online surfing when all of a sudden a pop-up window appears and blocks our progress. Although they receive a lot of bad attention, they can be helpful to companies trying to market a concept or line of goods as well as to consumers who might be able to access exclusive offers.

One of the most popular pop-up plugins on the Internet, OptinMonster is also one of our favorites, in part because WordPress administrators have so much creative control over creating eye-catching messages. Then, you have analytics to assist you assess the success of your pop-ups and behavior automation to help you target the correct people.

There is a price for this, though, and some functions are only available at specific membership levels. When invoiced annually, the four subscription levels will set you back the equivalent of $9, $19, $29, or $49 every month.

You should definitely have a look at Icegram Engage if you're just getting started or if you can't afford to pay. It promises to be broadly interoperable, is free to use, and even provides human support. If you're just getting started or want to take your blog in new directions, this is a great option.

With Prisna GWT, an open-source plugin, you can translate your website into more than 100 languages by integrating it with Google Translate.

Everything is highly customisable; you can choose which languages to support, how the translation button and menu appear, and whether to use it as a shortcode or widget.

Best of all, Prisna GWT doesn't add more pointless clutter to your website, which speeds it up. Despite having many parameters, all of them are kept in a single database record, and it doesn't require any external CSS or other files.

Weglot is yet another fantastic choice, particularly if you're looking into alternative channels and platforms. It works with Squarespace, Wii, Shopify, and other platforms. One language and 2,000 words are supported by free subscriptions, but additional memberships range in price from $15 to $699 per month and offer between 10,000 and 5 million words (the latter with support for 20 languages).

Software that adds additional features to a website without altering the core functionality of the website software is known as a WordPress plugin or extension.

The modifications that plugins bring about can be minor or significant. For instance, some plugins have the ability to transform your website into an entirely functional online store.

In the digital age, having a website is a very useful tool; however, the web has developed into a collaborative space where various services can be integrated. WordPress is the best platform for doing this because it offers an endless variety of plugins and add-ons.

In contrast to selecting a WordPress theme (link), you are not limited to using only one plugin at a time. Actually, the options are endless, so take a step back and consider all the possible kinds of plugins you might require. Alternatively, just keep reading our helpful guide to the top WordPress plugins.

Because they all do the same thing, alternatives sometimes don't really differ all that much from one another. An excellent example of this is an SEO-focused plugin. In this situation, you might wish to evaluate the costs and tiny print of each alternative.

There may be a plethora of choices in other situations. A good example would be social media plugins; see the list of features offered in each option and the social media networks that they work with. Look at further factors more thoroughly, such as whether the plugin offers analytics data or if you should think about establishing a different service for that.

There are several ways to test a WordPress plugin, the most obvious being to install it on a WordPress demo site and give it a try. Other factors to consider include how simple the plugin is to install, how easy it is to navigate, and how transparent the pricing is.

The difficult chore of contrasting the features and fine print of each plugin comes next, of course, but don't worry too much—we've already taken care of that for you. Next, it's time to read actual customer evaluations on the internet to understand how the plugins perform in practical scenarios.

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