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How can I solve the issue of the WP-admin WordPress login error?

To solve the WordPress WP-admin login error issue, one can try clearing their browser cache and cookies. Another solution is to reset their password by using the "Lost your password?" link on the login page.

400 incorrect requests Send this screen to in five seconds, please. This server was unable to understand the request that your browser sent.

Okay, let's begin your debugging session at the top. Turn off every plugin you have installed and take out the constant you put in wp-config.php. Does everything (even if the plugin's entire functionality is clearly disabled) start to function again?

Clear the cache in your browser: Sometimes, problems with display can arise from browser caching. One way to solve similar issues is to clear the cache in your browser. Once you've cleared your cache, try to visit the WP-Admin interface once more.

Turn off plugins and use the default theme instead: The display problem can be brought on by a competing plugin or theme. To see if the issue still exists, temporarily disable every plugin you're using and go back to the Twenty Twenty-One or Twenty Twenty default WordPress themes. If the problem is fixed, you can identify the root cause by turning back each plugin and theme one at a time until the problem resurfaces. This will assist you in determining which exact plugin or theme is the source of the issue.

Check for JavaScript issues by pressing F12 to launch the developer tools in your web browser after opening your page. Navigate to the Console tab and look for any issues in JavaScript. There are instances where JavaScript issues prevent the WP-Admin interface from operating as intended. Try to troubleshoot and fix any faults you find.

Update WordPress, themes, and plugins: Verify that the themes, plugins, and WordPress installation are current. Sometimes outdated software causes display problems and causes compatibility concerns. Install the most recent versions of the WordPress core, themes, and plugins.

Revert wp-config.php modifications: It's possible that the additional code (define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false);) is causing problems if the problem appeared after wp-config.php changes were made. Take that line of code out or comment it out and see if that fixes the issue. Make sure to reverse any more recent modifications you made to the file if the problem continues.

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