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August 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ TEMPE, Ariz. WordCamp US, the largest WordPress event of the year, will take place in just a few short weeks. Additionally, GoDaddy (GDDY) will take center stage to showcase the newest additions to its WordPress Hosting line. GoDaddy is showcasing its newest product line, which aims to assist developers and designers save time on a range of activities by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into WordPress.

AI is being used in both customer relationship management and site construction with the launch of GoDaddy Managed WordPress. Users can have the first draft of a beginning site fully constructed, including with photos, by providing straightforward answers to a few questions. Additionally, The Hub by GoDaddy Pro employs AI as a virtual assistant for client service. This can assist developers in increasing their productivity through the creation of client communications, offering guidance on managing and expanding their businesses, and aiding in the diagnosis and correction of website faults. Check out this peek to get an idea of what's in store.

GoDaddy President Partners Paul Bindel declared, "The one-two punch of GoDaddy Managed WordPress and generative AI are incredible." "With generative AI's content creation capabilities and GoDaddy Managed WordPress's improved performance, designers and developers are almost granted superpowers. They can easily develop a variety of material with this solution, which can save them time. This is an additional step toward our objective of providing our clients with the newest technologies in user-friendly fashion."

The WordPress website construction onboarding experience has been completely transformed by GoDaddy. A few questions concerning their company and website objectives are posed to users. From then on, GoDaddy AI takes control. On the basis of the questions answered, it automatically generates a website with information and pictures. Users are still in total control. Users can check and change content before the site is published to make sure it represents their brand and is correct and up to date.

GoDaddy AI is extensively integrated into the Hub by GoDaddy Pro in addition to enabling the creation of a website with just a few clicks. With the use of AI, developers and designers can now use this to make customer proposals, handle client relationships, generate website content, and receive recommendations on how to build websites more safely and effectively. This makes it possible for developers and designers to rapidly and simply produce their most important consumer communications. They can deliver the message to their clientele once they are satisfied with it. It is intended to be a vital tool in web professionals' arsenal, helping them navigate the complexities of their online design and development projects.

Stop visit the booth at WordCamp US, August 25–26 in National Harbor, Maryland, to obtain a sample of these and many more features.

Visit to view GoDaddy's most recent AI advancements and learn how AI may benefit your business.

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