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WordPress contributors have increased the performance of the default Twenty Twenty-Four theme by 40%.

WordPress contributors have sped up the default theme performance for Twenty Twenty-Four by 40%. They achieved this by implementing various optimizations and enhancements to the theme's code base.

Twenty Twenty-Four (TT4), the new default theme for WordPress 6.4, is anticipated to be released in early November. Compared to previous default themes, this one has more features, and contributors have been identifying possible efficiency improvements to make before the official release.

It's interesting to note that, according to Arntz, the theme's sheer quantity of block editor capabilities appears to be the primary cause of the server-side performance disparity between TT4 and TT3. Actually, there is only one PHP logic function included in the theme. It does, however, have a lot more patterns and more complicated content than TT3, so maybe it contributes to the situation.

Yesterday saw the release of WordPress 6.4 Beta 3. Contributors stated that Twenty Twenty-Four will be unaffected by this move since the theme will still come with pre-selected fonts that load from the theme assets, same like previous default themes, even though the flagship Font Library feature has been punted till version 6.5.

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