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WordPress 6.2 has been delayed until March 29 because of a bug related to date formats.

WordPress 6.2 has been delayed to March 29 because of a bug related to date formats. The developers are working to resolve the issue before releasing the new version.

This morning, it was decided to postpone in order to implement a revert and release a silent 6.2 RC5 that includes the patch. Since the impact appeared to be too great to risk publishing WordPress 6.2 Core Tech Co-Lead Tonya Mork's fix today, she suggested rolling back to a minor release.

This isn't simply some text that won't bold; it's something that will have a significant impact (including financial and stressful ones) on site owners and people who handle bookings and other things, thus I don't think it can wait till 6.2.1. Colin Stewart, the 6.2 Core Triage Lead, stated.

According to Desrosiers, "I also believe that it is impossible to anticipate the full impact of this change." This demonstrates unequivocally how crucial it is to include the proper testing with even the tiniest modifications. We owe our users this thorough investigation.

We might be dealing with a much bigger issue if we release the 6.2 version of the issue. The vast majority of users would not have any trouble identifying or understanding it, and Core will probably never be able to automatically correct any instances of the bug in a subsequent minor version. We also should really avoid having to include fixes like that anyway as theyre just a huge maintenance burden/technical debt.

Contributors in the discussion this morning agreed that knowingly shipping broken code just to keep the schedule would be a wrong move and that shipping a fix today could introduce additional problems. An announcement will be posted to the Make/Core, followed by the 6.2 RC5 release, which will restart the 24-hour clock ahead of the official 6.2 release tomorrow.

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