WordPress microsites that lead to large sales

Microsites are key in creating a solid marketing funnel. WordPress can be used to create microsites that are indexed quickly by search engines.

What is a microsite?

A microsite branches from a main website, it’s a mini website that focuses on a single campaign and according to the Content Standard, is a branded digital asset that lives just outside of the company homepage or brand URL.

What can microsites be used for?

Reputation building.

When unwanted results come up in the search engine we often want to get rid of them. Unwanted results in search engines most times can only be hidden, and not totally removed. Building microsites to push unwanted results back is the most effective way to push content back in search results.

Reputation building with microsites can also come in the form of building a brands awareness via small websites that attract and point your target audience to the main website.

Lead generation.

Create multiple landing pages to collect the details you need for your leads.

Sales funnels.

Mini websites of your main website and landing pages that lead to a conversion. 

Page ranking.

Create multiple small websites with links back to your main website. Traffic to the small websites will increase the small websites page ranking. When you have enough small websites that have a good page ranking point to your website, this will help boost the page ranking of the main website.

Cross promotion.

Create and brand websites complimentary to your target audience, include ads to your main website. Creating websites that attract your target audience for other reasons that genuinely peak their interest can be a great way to introduce your main website to your target audience.

How to use microsites to create sales funnels.

A sales funnel is meant to grab the attention of your target audience and funnel down your visitors until a conversion happens. Microsites are used to reach your target audience. Different microsites for different segments of your audience will help engage and lead to an easy conversion.