How to add a good SEO plugin to your WordPress website

You don’t have to be a developer in order to make a WordPress website optimized for search engines. There’s a plugin for that!

WordPress is easy to use for people who are not web developers. Developing your WordPress site into a website that is has good search engine optimization practices is very easy. Let’s get into just how easy it is.

Step 1.

First, log into your WordPress site by going to your URL and adding /wp-admin to it. So if your website URL was, you would go to and you would see the login page.

This is the login page

Step 2.

Once you log into your dashboard, you can click on the “Plugins” tab.

WP Dashboard

Step 3.

After you click on the plugins tab, you will see all the plugins you currently have plugged in and you will notice 3 more submenu options, “Installed Plugins” (which is where you currently are), “Add New”, and then “Editor”.

Step 4.

Click on the “Add New” submenu options, under the “Plugins” menu options.

Step 5.

You now can see all the plugins uploaded to in the WordPress store, we are going to type in the keyword “seo”. Now you have all different kinds of SEO plugins you can install into your WordPress site.

Once you decide which of the SEO plugins fits your needs the most, install and activate the chosen plugin. After you follow the chosen plugin’s directions to use, your website will be search engine optimized!