Add, edit and manage WordPress images to enhance user experience and search results.

Manage uploaded images to WordPress so web crawlers can index your images properly and for an improved user experience.

Images are important for explaining text and holding the attention of your users and they are crawled and indexed by search engines. A‘s visitor recently requested help with editing an image’s name and alt tag, this is important to know when building a WordPress website. Images are a very important part of having an easy to use website, but they are just as important for your SEO. Images are indexed by search engine web crawlers and the download speed of your images are part of your page speed measurements.

Upload images to WordPress

  1. Go to the “Media” tab.
  2. Click on “Add New”

Now you are able to upload images from your computer to your WordPress website.

Another way to add images to your website is by directly inserting it into your page or post.

  1. Add a “block
  2. Choose “Image

Now you are able to upload an image from your local computer, media library ( you can find your image in the media library if you have already uploaded the image to your media library ) or you can download an image by entering in a direct link to the image.

Set image details

Once you insert an image, you will see option in the right panel change to the image options.

Expand the “Image settings” tab in order to see all of the details you can set for your image.

Under the ‘Image settings” tab you will find

Below the “Image settings” tab is a tab labeled “Advanced“.

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